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Refund Policy
You can cancel your hosting plan within the first 30 days for a full refund.
If you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund on your hosting service only. The money-back guarantee does not apply to most add-on products, such as domains, given the unique nature of their costs.
If you cancel within 30 days and your plan includes a free domain, Bluehost will deduct a non-refundable domain fee of 15.99 from your refund. This not only covers our costs, but ensures that you won't lose your domain name. You may transfer it to another registrar or simply point it elsewhere at your convenience. Please note newly registered domains cannot be transferred to another registrar during the first 60 days of the registration period. You retain ownership of your domain until the end of its registration period unless you renew it.
Bluehost does not offer any refunds for cancellations that occur after 30 days.
Pricing Cloud Hosting
All Hosting accounts are paid for upfront and in full at sign up. All Setup fees are non-refundable. All accounts canceled in the first 30 Days of service qualify for a full refund at the monthly rate.
When canceling your Bluehost account prior to your accounts end of term or down grading your account to a term for less than a year; you forfeit the Domain Registration coupon and Bluehost deducts $15.99 from your final refund amount to cover our costs for registering your new domain on your behalf for one year. Subject to the terms of your domain registration agreement, you will retain ownership of your domain until the end of its registration period.
For our European Union customers VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in our advertised price and will be charged separately and itemized on invoices and billing information. Standard VAT rates based on EU Member State regulations may apply.

How do I set up my keywords?
Do I have any help from you to select the correct keywords for my business / site?鈥ㄢ€╕ou can easily set up your keywords by using the KEYWORDS configuration tool. On the upper right side of the tool, you can find the link to start. Insert a keyword in the search field on the left. By clicking on Search, you will get some recommendations about other related keywords that can also be used as an alternative鈥?.
Renewing Your Hosting Account
Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.
Select Account on the top bar.
Click the Renew Hosting Account button above the Contact Information.
You can change the hosting term length using the drop-down menu under the Quantity heading.
Any hosting-dependent product or service you are subscribed to, and any other service coming up for renewal soon, will automatically be added to the Shopping Cart with your hosting renewal.
If you are unable to remove an item, please contact the Billing Department to cancel the service prior to renewal.
Review the items in your Shopping Cart and remove any items you do not wish to purchase or renew by clicking the X next to that item.
Select your payment method.
The credit card on file is the default payment method. If this is the card you wish to use, enter the CVV2 code to proceed.
If you wish to use another payment method, click the 鈥淐hange Payment Method鈥?link. Select to use a new credit card or your PayPal account, and follow the directions on screen.
When you’re ready, click Process Order at the bottom of the screen to complete your purchase.
You're done! If the account expired prior to renewing, it will be reactivated immediately once the payment has been processed. A cart-receipt email will be sent to the email address on file and a detailed receipt can be found in the Accounts tab of your cPanel by clicking on the Payments submenu link.
How many keywords am I allowed to add?
鈥ㄢ€↖f you have chosen the Start package, you can add 1 Keyword and up to 15 keywords if your choice is the Pro package.鈥? Bluehost, an Endurance International Group company, is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, including web hosting services, eCommerce tools, marketing applications, and more. Built on open source technology, Bluehost designs and operates its own servers, develops innovative new internet technologies, and actively supports and participates in the open source community.