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Fares paid and received by the Airline will be refunded to the Passengers upon their request up to one (1) year from the last date of travel where:
a.) the refund is sought after flight cancellations and route suspensions, or flight disruptions based on the Airline's policy;
b.) the Passenger is not allowed or failed to board the flight for reasons other than his non-observance of the General Terms and Conditions or applicable law;
c.) the Passenger died or suffered a serious illness before the scheduled flight; or
d.) for flights to or from the United States, the booking was made seven days or more before scheduled departure and the booking is cancelled within twenty-four (24) hours of purchase.
Rebooking may be availed of in the following cases subject to Airline's policy:
1.) after a Passenger makes a voluntary cancellation of his entire reservation, or, if the journey covers two or more Sectors, any initial or intermediate Sector, provided that:
a.) the passenger's Fare type is rebookable;
b.) the request to rebook is made at least four (4) hours before the scheduled time of departure of the flight as indicated in the Itinerary Receipt;
c.) the Passenger pays the rebooking fee;
d.) the Passenger pays the Fare difference, where the new flight is in a fare class higher than that of the cancelled flight.
2.) In case of involuntary flight cancellation on the part of the passenger, route suspensions, flight delays or postponements of more than one (1) hour after the ETD. In these cases, the Airline will not charge the Passenger the fare difference if the rebooked flight is within thirty (30) days from the original departure date.
3.) Airline policy will apply for combined Regular Fare and Promotional Fare in one booking, subject to Fare rules and applicable charges.
4.) For voluntary rebooking or changes in the itinerary and when the booking details have been changed, the Passenger can no longer revert to the original itinerary. Further, the Passenger can only be accepted to the preferred or changed flight itinerary after payment of the applicable fees and penalties.
Deliver baggage on time
Cebu Pacific endeavors that all checked baggage arrives at your destination. In case of baggage irregularity, please be guided by the following:
Delayed Baggage
If baggage did not arrive with the guest, immediately file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) while still at the airport premises of the arrival station. We provide a first need compensation if guest is not a resident at the destination.
Damaged Baggage
If baggage is damaged, immediately file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) while still at the airport premises of the arrival station. If damage is proven not to be caused by regular wear and tear, we compensate based on the Philippines Air Passenger Bill of Rights or the Warsaw Convention)
Lost Baggage
If baggage is not found within seven (7) days from date of arrival, it is considered lost. Cebu Pacific provides compensation for every day it is missing starting from the 25th hour of delay. Compensation is based on the Philippines Air Passenger Bill of Rights or the Warsaw Convention.
Cebu Pacific will make every effort to return mishandled baggage within 24 hours, and will reimburse affected guest for any fee charged to transport a bag if that bag is lost.