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Refund for ticket I bought.
If this ticket was bought from a travel agency, you are advised to contact that agency; and if it was bought from a China Airlines counter, please contact that counter to apply for refund. If it was bought on China Airlines website and the whole itinerary hasn't been used yet, you can apply for refund on-line; if you have used it, please contact a China Airlines counter for refund.

How long after a ticket expires can I apply for refund?
China Airlines accepts refund application within two years after the date of ticket issuance.

How long to wait to get my money back
After the refund handling charge is deducted, the time it takes to complete the refund procedure is as follows (beginning from the date the refund application is received):
1. For Taiwan, generally 10 working days. Passengers who used cash for transactions will receive the refund within 10 working days in the manner they designate. For passengers who used a Taiwan-issued credit card for transactions, China Airlines will return the money within 10 working days to the credit card company who will then send the refund to relevant card-issuing banks; and passengers can make an inquiry at their respective card-issuing banks after 15 working days.
2. For other regions, the working hours depend on local laws and regulations.
How can I get the refund?
If you buy tickets directly from China Airlines and pay with a credit card, the refund will be returned to your original credit card account. If you pay by cash, the refund will be returned to the bank account or post office account of ticket holders, their immediate family or legal agents, or mailed to these people through a crossed non-endorsable check.