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Dental Departures often schedule dental examinations for citizens of Canada and the United States abroad, in countries where dental services are significantly cheaper. The company currently provides dental services in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and elsewhere.
How can I find out how much it costs?
All of their clinics include listings of their prices for each procedure they undertake. Getting a feel for the prices is as easy as clicking on the \'Procedures and Prices\' tab on each clinic\'s page on their website. Not only does this give you the prices at that particular clinic, but you can also see - at a glance - what the comparable prices are at home, illustrated by the prices in grey which are scored out. This page also gives you an estimate of the time the treatment takes.
How long will I need to stay?
The length of time you will need to stay is really dependent on what kind of treatment you have. Some treatments, such as fillings or laser teeth whitening, can be done in a matter of hours. Other treatments may take place over a few days, or weeks, such as implants, and may require two visits 6 months\' or a year apart. We can advise you how long your procedure is likely to take and how many visits you may require.