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Dive Funatics are ideally situated in the province of Cebu where dive destinations are just about 30 minutes away from the busy technology hubs and business centers. We are actively serving the local divers, particularly the generation Y and yuppies working in the various industries in the area. We have tie ups with various Business Process Outsourcing and Call Center companies to provide an alternative and yet awesome experience to their employees.
We teach a broad spectrum of PADI courses including a lot of specialty courses to choose from. We believe in proper training, best practices sharing, and continuous learning from each other to make the best of every dive that we organize and undertake. their primary medium of instruction is English. At the moment, we do not speak any other language other than English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Hiligaynon. We are committed to extend the priviledge of exploring the underwater world to the local tourists and to the hard working, career oriented young professionals by making their services reasonably priced and easily accessible to them.