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More Information About Gamersgate & Gamersgate Discounts

Sales Policy
Before buying a game, it is your sole responsibility and obligation to make sure that you have the technical grounds for operating the game, and that your computer system meets the minimum System Requirements for the game.
GamersGate does not take any responsibility for a game working on a newer or different operating system than as specified in the System Requirements for each game.
All sales, purchases and payments made through GamersGate are final and not refundable except as expressly provided below.
If you reside in the European Union, you will have the right to withdraw from the purchase of a game you have made through GamersGate, for any or no reason, for up to 14 calendar days from your purchase
Can I pay by any other means than Credit Card?
Yes. Our payment providers offer several options. Pre-paid cards, direct payments, etc. Not all options will work for all regions, but if you can see it in the checkout, you can use it. You can get more information, when you will place a game in your cart. All available payment options will be displayed there.
Can there be a virus in the Download?
As an official distributor we recieve all of our files directly from the publishers, so we can assure you that there are no viruses in our files. Some security software may ring a false positive alarm though.
In order to install the game, please, try to tune down or disable your security software for the time that downloading and installation takes. Don forget to turn it back on after the process will be completed.