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You must request for a refund within 1 week (7 working days) after the job is canceled. Gawin team will then contact customers to verify the cancellation. Upon receiving confirmation from the customer, we will process the refund.
If the customer does not respond to the verification process, we will:
-make at least 3 calls to the customer over a period of 7 working days
-leave a message via SMS / Whatsapp / Email to the customer to acquire a response to the confirmation of the job cancellation
If the customer still does not respond within the given time, we will proceed to refund the credits.
It will take 2 - 7 working days for Gawin Team to process the refunds. You will receive a notification via mobile app and email every time your account is refunded.
Do I get a credit refund when customers do not respond to my quotations?
The credits you use to provide quotations for customers are not refundable under such circumstances. It does not mean that the customer has decided not to hire your services. It is likely that the customer has forgotten about his request, or only requires your services at a later date.
We highly encourage you to initiate the contact with the customer using our chat function to remind them of your quote. When you submit your quote, the customer has your contact details, business profile and can read reviews from people who've hired you before.
How come I can't see my requests?
Our new web interface re-arranged how your requests are presented in such a way that your ongoing requests are in the Request tab while other notifications are found in the Request History tab. You can try going to these sections to see your requests.
Alternatively, you can also look for your requests by using the Search Function. Just provide the request ID, service type or location of the request that you're looking for. You can also search by using your customer's name and contact details
If you still cannot find your requests, kindly reach out to our operations team
How can I verify my mobile number?
You can verify the mobile number when you sign in. You will be prompted to verify the number. This is optional and you can skip mobile verification at this stage. However, when you submit a request, mobile verification is mandatory.