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How do I purchase hashrate and pay for it?
In order to order hashrate you need to click Buy Hashrate in the left menu, choose hashrate and use the slider to set the amount.
Then click the Proceed button.
On the next screen, you will see the pre-invoice. If you are happy with your order, click on the checkbox below that reads "I confirm that I have read and agree to Terms and Conditions." and click the Proceed button.
You are now on the payment selection screen where you are to choose from BTC and USD payment methods.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard. For security purposes any one-time purchase has a limit of 3000 USD and you are able to make one purchase per day with same card. As an additional measure of customer protection upon purchasing hashrate using a credit card, the account gets a 14-day hold period, which only prevents withdrawals. Please keep in mind that support staff does not remove the account hold earlier due to security reasons.
How long does the contract last?
SHA-256 and SCRYPT contracts last 1 year(365 days) and are subject to maintenance and electricity fees (MEF).
ETHASH, EQUIHASH and DASH contracts last for 1 year (365 days) and are not subject to any fees.

How do I change my wallet address?

1. You need to log in and go to Settings (link);
2. Find an appropriate field and enter/change a wallet address. After you're done - save the changes;

3. Go to your email service and find an email from us. There will be a confirmation link which you need to click. If there is no message, check your "Spam" folder.
Warning! Changing the wallet will temporarily block withdrawals for 2 weeks due to security precautions