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Our products stand for the quality and ingenuity of 100% Filipino products, and their company strives to provide quality living for the poor, from their employees and the farming communities we work with. We are the first in Southeast Asia to receive the Sustainability Pioneer Award at the Organic Monitor Sustainable Beauty Award 2016. We are also the first beauty brand in the Philippines to be certified as \"Cruelty Free\" by PETA Asia-Pacific.
We launched their Advocate program on February 25, 2016. These new guidelines will apply from this date.
Human Heart Nature now offers the opportunity to levy VAT at the time of purchase and transfer it to your state of residence. The amount of sales tax is based on the recommended retail price of an order, which is calculated at the local tax rate of the lawyer. Lawyers can collect the prepaid VAT at the time of the retail sale. If you would like to take care of your own VAT registration and have a VAT exemption certificate and resale tax number that you have not yet communicated to us, please e-mail us at [email protected]
Shipping costs: Advocates and members pay a shipping fee per order based on the total order value. One way to minimize your shipping costs is to consolidate the required quantities and place your order every two weeks or every month.