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iPage's Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
When buying any product, having a money-back guarantee will give you a sense of security and confidence so whenever something goes wrong or you are not satisfied with their services, you can always refund your payment.
This is usually offered as well for those who are not happy with their subscription.
Most money-back guarantees offered by companies are limited to just a 15-day or 30-day deadline. Because of it, you have to make up your mind fast whether or not you want to purchase a product.
Does iPage give you email?
Yes, you can have [email protected] and any number of additional emails for your friends/employees. It's easy to set up too. I am a GMail fanboy though, so I point my MX records to Gmail so I can check my iPage emails on a gmail account.
Does iPage put ads on my website?
No way! Ahhh, reminds me of the days of GeoCities and 鈥淵ou鈥檝e got mail!鈥?hahaha all joking aside, it's a definite no. iPage doesn鈥檛 put ads or interfere with your website in any way. You pay for it so you have full control.

Do I need iPage Automated Site Backup?
Yes, speaking from my experience. Unless you don鈥檛 mind creating your website from scratch again.. Yeah. That happened to me with another hosting company in 2005 and I learned that day鈥?never get hosting without automated site backup. It's worth its weight in blood sweat and tears.
What control panel do you get on iPage?
When you login to iPage, you get their customized vDeck control panel. It's way less confusing and complicated than cPanel. So that's good for most people. I鈥檓 a super-geek though, so I prefer cPanel WHM muahahhaa. Be sure to see my in-depth review of iPage for more comprehensive guidance on their control panel.