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Check out the popular deals at Klook regularly offers great deals that apply to certain days, months or seasons. You have to check back regularly so you know what items are on sale and what packages you can get. By taking advantage of Klook Voucher Codes, you can slash the prices of items by a lot if you come across the right deal.

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How can I get Klook credits?
You get Klook credits every time you book an activity. We offer rebate in the form of Klook Credit at 5 - 10% of the booking value for each activity completed. 10 Klook Credits = 1 HKD. Adjust the currency settings to view the equivalent dollar amount of your accumulated credits. The more activities you complete, the more credits you'll earn.
Will Klook Credits expire?
Credits are valid until 31st December the year following the year you received the credits. For example, credits received on 1 Jan 2017 will expire on 31 Dec 2018. Credits received on 31 Dec 2017 will expire on 31 Dec 2018. Credits will automatically expire after this time.
Can I get a refund?
Please check the cancelation details of your activity to see if you are eligible for a refund. In the rare case that an activity that you have booked is canceled, we will give you the option of booking an alternative date or requesting a full refund.
For other changes or refund enquiries, please call our support team or email [email protected]
I still haven't received my refund, what happened?
If your initial payment was made via PayPal, the refund will be processed instantly after we file the refund. If you paid by credit card, it usually takes 5 - 7 working days, or up to 30 days for certain banks, for you to receive the refund in your account.
If after these time scales you have still not received your refund, please email [email protected]