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If your shipment arrives damaged, please notify us immediately as we will need to file a damage claim report with the shipping company. Please note that all damage shipment claims must be filed within 48 hours from the time the shipment arrives. Failure to contact us within that time period will forfeit your right to file a damage claims report.
What are Lovecorner's payment options?
Bankwire- which can be done by the customers depositing their payments through our bank accounts
BC Escolta Manila / Palawan LRT Carriedo Manila / ML LRT Carriedo Manila/ Cebuana Carlos Palanca / WU Quezon Blvd. / JRS Escolta Manila - by indicating the name MARIEN ORINES BAPTISTA.
Paypal ([email protected]) / Credit Card
How will I pay if I'm outside the country?
You can use your Credit Card in paying from outside the country, if you don't want to send via remmitance centers. You should register 1st then select paypal as your payment option. Take Note: Our system does not accept foreign cards yet, so if your credit card is not issued in any banks from the Phil., your order process will not push through. It is recommended that you must have an official Paypal account and transfer the payment to our Paypal e-mail [email protected]
Are there any discounts being offered to loyal customers?
We have a loyalty program wherein a customer can earn 1 loyalty point from every P10 on his purchase. (1 pt. is equal to PHP1.00(10% Cash Back). These points will be generated as a discount voucher that a cust. can use for future orders. Pls. take note that your loyalty points will expire after 4 months upon purchase.
Note: Please be informed that you can only choose one promo for every single transaction.