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Customers with a \"one stop shop\" to which they can commute or drive. They no longer had to go to several hardware stores because MC Home Depot and its countless tenants had everything they needed to build and set up a home. A walk-in design that allowed customers to make informed purchases by taking time to explore options, read labels and actually \"touch\" products.
Who delivers the item the customer has bought?
Items purchased from the customer can be delivered by. MC Home Depot in-house delivery service, LBC or Chartered Truck, depending on the customer\'s choice.
Can I pick up the items I purchased through the MC Home Depot website? From where?
Yes, a customer can pick up their purchased items from the MC Home Depot website at the nearest MC Home Depot store.
Can I refund my shipping / delivery costs after I choose to pick it up?
Yes, you can refund your shipping / delivery costs.
If there are one or more items in your store, does this offer also apply to your website?
The barcode price in MC stores is the price for the MC website. E-commerce customers do not receive regular discounts and special offers. You can, however, apply for an MC E-Card.