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After applying for a loan, how long should the bank be for Credit Investigation (C.I.)?
It depends on the availability of the Bank of Makati Credit Investigator (BMI) / Fundline and your availability or your Representative for Credit Investigation (C.I.) to be held at your home.
After Credit Investigation (C.I.), how long before I get notified by Bank of Makati (BMI) / Fundline whether I am or not?
The Motortrade Branch will contact you as soon as you can get the Credit Investigation.
If I passed Credit Investigation (C.I.), how long before I got my motorcycle?
After passing Credit Investigation, go immediately to Motortrade Branch to get the motorcycle right away on that day.
How long before the OR / CR exits the motorcycle?
Usually it lasts two to three months. The release of ORCR depends on the speed of its LTO processing and no control over Motortrade.