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There are more than 10,000 Japanese shops in Rakuten Global Market, and the payment method varies depending on the shop. In addition to credit cards that can be used in many shops, there are shops that accept Alipay, PayPal, and bank transfer.
鈼?Payment Methods
鈼?Pay with PayPal
鈼?Prices & Currency
鈼?Tax & Customs duty
Delivery & Shipping
Rakuten Global Market is home to more than 10,000 Japanese shops, and all the products are shipped from their respective stores.
The shipping method will vary depending on the shop.
After you place an order, the shop will inform you by email the total price calculated with the international shipping fee.
After you confirm the shipping fee, the items will be shipped from Japan.
Return Policy
As the sales of products are managed by each shop, the return policy will vary depending on each shop individually.
You can find each shop's return policy on the shop's information page.
鈥?Not all shops have their information page available in English.
If you are having trouble understanding a shop's information page, would like to learn more about their return policy,
or request for a return, please contact the shop directly.
How to Modify or Cancel an Order
Depending on each shop's policy, it may be possible to modify or cancel an order from your Purchase History.
To do so, access your Purchase History and select the order you would like to modify or cancel by clicking 鈥淒isplay Detailed History鈥?
If a red 鈥淐hange Order鈥?button is displayed, click to modify or cancel your order.
If you are unable to cancel your order through your Purchase History, please contact the shop directly, and remember to provide your order number.
鈥?The cancellation policy will vary depending on each shop individually. In most cases, after you confirm the order from the shop confirmation E-mail, you will be unable to cancel your order. To confirm the shop's cancellation policy, please check the shop's information page or contact the shop directly.