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Check out the popular deals at Saatchi Art regularly offers great deals that apply to certain days, months or seasons. You have to check back regularly so you know what items are on sale and what packages you can get. By taking advantage of Saatchi Art Promo Codes, you can slash the prices of items by a lot if you come across the right deal.

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Can I Use A Promotional Discount On Top Of My Offer?
You cannot apply a promotional discount to your offer.
If your offer is accepted, the final costs of the purchase, including shipping, will be reviewed with you. Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed, you will need to provide your payment information before we process your purchase
What\\\'s Saatchi Art\\\'s 7-Day Return Policy?
Saatchi Art is committed to ensuring the 100% satisfaction of their art collectors! That\\\'s why once you鈥檝e receive an original artwork, we\\\'ll give you seven (7) days to decide whether or not you鈥檇 like to keep that artwork or return it for a refund. Open Edition prints are eligible for return 30 days after the date you received your order.
You may return any eligible artwork (i.e. artwork that is not one of the Final Sale items, listed below), provided that it is returned to the artist in its original condition and packaging.
I\\\'m The Buyer: What Happens If My Offer Is Accepted?
If the owner of the work agrees to accept your offer, one of their curators will contact you to confirm you wish to proceed. The final costs, including shipping, will be given to you and we will send you an invoice payable online via credit card, paypal, or wire transfer.
If My Offer Is Declined, What Can I Do Next?
If your offer is declined, you are welcome to purchase the artwork at full price.
Our Curatorial Team will offer you their Art Advisory services free of charge to assist you in finding a similar artwork within your budget. We encourage you to take advantage of this helpful service.