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Check out the popular deals at Tmart regularly offers great deals that apply to certain days, months or seasons. You have to check back regularly so you know what items are on sale and what packages you can get. By taking advantage of Tmart Vouchers, you can slash the prices of items by a lot if you come across the right deal.

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Wrong Items Received
If you receive wrong item different from the item you ordered, you may send it back to Tmart. If you do not want to keep the wrong item, customers in U.S. may request for a Return Label from Customer Service Center. The other customers may get return shipping fee reimbursement.
Return shipping fee reimbursement is 30% of the item\'s price which should be less than $40.The maximum of return shipping fee reimbursement is $40.
If you like the wrong item, you may keep it and Tmart will give you 30% discounts of its listed price. Tmart will ship your original item in your order once we get your payment.
How can I track my package?
According to the logistics tracking number of your order, the system helps you extract logistics information. In addition to Worldwide Free Shipping, the other modes of transportation have Tracking Services, so after you choose a Worldwide Free Shipping, you need to choose whether to add the Tracking Service.
How can I get Tmart\'s coupons?
*Tmart randomly gives out the catalogue of discounted products to users, in which users can acquire coupon codes.
* Users can get coupons customized by Tmart through email subscription.
* Users who take part in their sales promotion can get coupons, such as participating Tmart promotion activities on Facebook. The people who get more \"LIKE\" will gain coupons from Tmart.
Coupon on Refunds
* Coupons are invalid if the buyer makes a Refund Request and the supplier agrees to refund the total amount of the order.
* If a buyer is entitled to a refund, the refund amount will NOT exceed the buyer\'s cash payment (e.g. a US $5 coupon was used on a US $20 order. Refunds will not exceed US $15).