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Our service goes beyond Virtual and Serviced Office. The solutions we offer are aimed at the general public, which needs support to start their business. vOffice offers solutions that all business people need: business registration, accounting services, creative and even legal. Beyond the service standard, vOffice members, as we like to call their customers, can experience a welcoming community of entrepreneurs. Once you\\\'re part of vOffice, you\\\'re in a growing community of entrepreneurs and developers. Members come together on their online platforms and events to mix, network, learn, and share knowledge on various advanced topics. We simply call this momentous event entrepreness.
Do I still have to pay to attend a Voffice event?
When you sign up for a Virtual Office Plan, you can automatically participate in their vOffice networking events and make contacts with other business associates, free of charge.
Can I use voffice as my registered business address?
Yes, you can use their address as your business registration address with the SEC, BIR and LGUs (Local Government Units). You can also use their address for your calling cards and website use. As part of their commitment to help you register, we also provide their clients with a list of specific documents that support their customers\\\' business registration. Other documents requested by the customer, which may not conform to the normal standard, must be approved.