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Can I get new wi-tribe connection?
For now in the migration phase we are not allowing additional connections.
How can I freeze my wi-tribe account?
Answer: You can get your wi-tribe 3G services frozen for a minimum duration of 30 days (twice a service year) and a maximum duration of 60 days (once a service year). You will have to pay a fixed charge of Rs.100 per request for freezing your account (payable in advance or added to current month\'s invoice). After the freezing period is over, the account will be activated automatically. You will have to clear all outstanding dues in order to freeze your account.
This option is however not available in wi-tribe`s LTE-A 4.5 service
How can I purchase an add-on?
Answer: wi-tribe add-ons can be purchased by:
logging into my wi-tribe (credit purchase*)
calling their Contact Centre at 111-187-423 (credit purchase*)
visiting a wi-tribe Customer Care Centre (advance cash payment)
talking to their agent with the 鈥楲ive Chat鈥?feature
sending an SMS to 9143 in the following formats: 2GB(space)(Customer ID) or 5GB(space)(Customer
My bill was paid in advance to Qubee what to do now?
Advance balances have been carried forward to wi-tribe network as well.