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How does the payment system work in World of Tanks?
In World of Tanks, players have credits which they gain by taking part in battles and eliminating their enemies. Apart from credits, there is gold that every player can purchase for real money. Possessing gold will result in some bonuses that will neither affect the gameplay nor give players decisive advantage in battles.
Bonus code
You can use your bonus code only once.
Instruction for Bonus code
1. Log in to your account.
2. Click Activate Wargaming Code.
3. Enter your bonus code and click REDEEM to submit the code.
4. Wait until the code is processed (it may take some time).
5.Run the game. Enjoy!
Will tanks have their own crews?
Every tank will have a tank crew, and every member of a crew will have their own qualities that will influence tank characteristics. The number of crew members will change depending on a chosen tank. Tankers will learn their skills relatively fast, and by the time you climb up the top of the development tree, you鈥檒l have several fully experienced tank crews. For example, with a veteran gunner aboard, a tank will be more accurate in shooting and will deliver a larger number of critical hits.
Can I keep more than one vehicle in my garage?
Players鈥?personal garage will be able to store up to five vehicles at once regardless of their country of origin. I.e. you can simultaneously keep American, German, Russian and French vehicles in your garage and use them at any time. Moreover, you鈥檒l be able to buy additional garage slots thus expanding your fleet of tanks.
Non-Refundable Purchase.
In the event you purchase Additional Features from Wargaming, we will transfer the Additional Features to you only once that payment has been processed, and you may start using Additional Features as soon as you have completed the purchase process. You therefore have no right to cancel any transaction to purchase Additional Features after completion of the purchase process and being entitled to download the Additional Features.